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Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some of the more frequently asked questions and answers to them.


Q: Will having Precision Autoworks maintain my vehicle void my warranty?

A: Absolutely not.  Dealers will sometimes tell their customers that only an authorized dealer can perform routine maintenance and repairs during the warranty period.  It’s simply not true.  As long as original equipment manufacturer (OEM) quality parts are used, your warranty will still be in full force.  At Precision Autoworks, we use parts from the same suppliers that the factory uses.   MINI drivers please take note since you don’t have a dealer in Maine!


Q: My car comes with free scheduled maintenance – can I have Precision Autoworks perform “extra” maintenance?

A: Yes.  First of all, go to your dealer for anything that’s free.  There’s certainly no way Precision Autoworks can match that deal!  Beyond that, some drivers wish to have some maintenance items such as oil changes and tire rotations performed more frequently than specified by the manufacturer.  Why?  Competitive market pressures have forced manufacturers to specify very long service intervals for critical fluids such as engine oil.  If you’re planning to keep your vehicle for a long time, we recommend that you consider supplementing your free scheduled maintenance with some of our services.  With proper care, modern drivetrains can easily last 200,000 miles.  If that’s your goal, we can help you get there.


Q:  Do you have loaner cars?

A:  Not currently.  Our plans call for having loaner cars by summer, 2005.  Stay tuned!


Q:  What makes Precision Autoworks different?

A:  You’ll know the answer to this question as soon as you walk in our front door.  Precision Autoworks’ facility is designed around a vision to provide an atypical service facility to which anyone would feel comfortable trusting his/her vehicle.  We offer a clean and comfortable environment for you and your vehicle.  Our dedicated waiting room is air conditioned, equipped with Wi-Fi internet access, and features IKEA furniture.  It’s designed to give you a place to get some work done or relax if you choose to wait for your vehicle.  As for your vehicle, we pledge to treat it as well as we possibly can.  You won’t find greasy fingerprints on your door handles or stains on your floor mats after we complete work on your vehicle.  For most services, we’ll have your vehicle hand-washed by our neighbors at Ultimate Car Care before returning it to you.